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Angelica Montaño

A Rising Star

About Angelica Montaño

"Something about Mariachi music always

warmed my soul, it felt like the melodies,

harmonies, lyrics and arrangements running

through my veins like fire."

Music is the language of the mind, body and soul, a concept Angelica Montaño has taken to heart throughout her music career. As a songwriter and singer, Angelica expresses her passion for her Latin heritage in an impactful way. She blends tradition and contemporary to showcase the sounds that make Mexico special and vibrant.


Angelica has been singing professionally since 2013 She has performed at various festivals such as for the City of Los Angeles, City of Montebello, West Covina Festival, Citrus Fair, The Corn Festival along with an elite performance for the Helping Hands of SoCal. A non profit organization where she was awarded for New Outstanding Recording Artist.  Angelica  has opened the show for one of the best well known mariachi bands, Mariachi Sol De Mexico along with opening up for the one and only Arturo Vargas vocalist of the Mariachi Vargas. Her single Que No Daria was pre nominated at the Latin Grammy in two categories. Her single Regresa,  released in 2022, was also pre- nominated in three categories She is currently working on her album along with an English E.P.

Born and raised in Whittier California, Angelica Montaño's Mexican roots run deep. Her parents are from Los Reyes Michoacán Mexico. "My best childhood memory is when my parents sold paletas at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena." said Montaño. "It was a thrill to meet many Mexican singers backstage at the event."  You might say that was the beginning of her love affair with traditional Mexican music.

"Selena Quintanilla was my very first role model," she said. "Selena inspired me at such a young age to sing and dance on stage. Because of her singing and performing has always come naturally to me."


"I remember as a kid putting on headphones and blasting my Alejandro Fernandez, Mariachi Vargas, and Mariachi Sol de Mexico CDs and day dream of one day performing on a big stage with the best Mariachi band ever known," she said.

About Angelica Montaño

"Mariachi music has always been my favorite.

I will stay true to my heritage until my last breath."

Angelica Montaño draws upon their Mexican roots and lifelong passion for music.